2016 - Insider Threats

Description of Insider Threats

2016's theme was "Insider Threats."  Yes - insiders...where unsuspecting employees click upon links or go to web sites or use social media sites that are rampant with ransom-ware. Attend our 15th Annual IAForum to learn how to protect your business, your personal identity, and your data from such internal social engineering vulnerabilities.  You will:

  • Be riveted when hearing about an actual case where a local, Findlay/Hancock County manufacturing company was attacked via social engineering tactics and lost thousands of dollars
  • Be informed about the various actual social engineering tactics that the bad guys use
  • Learn about the basics of protection against such social engineering attacks
  • Learn about end-user security training
  • Be informed about the legal ramifications of a social engineering attack
  • So much more

As you can see, "This Time It's Personal."  Join us, learn more, and protect your business, your family, and yourself!!


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